UCC Church of Prescott
206 Locust Street, Prescott, WI 54021, 715-262-5668
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About Prescott United Church of Christ

Welcome to Prescott United Church of Christ! We are passionate about bringing alive the redeeming, widely-inclusive love of God in Jesus Christ in this community, in this time. Yes, we are the longest-serving protestant congregation in Prescott, founded as in 1852. And yes, we are grateful for our faith-ancestry here. But God is always doing a new thing, and that’s what drives our life together.

In the United Church of Christ, we affirm the Bible as the authoritative witness to the Word of God, the ecumenical creeds, and the confessions of the Reformation. We also affirm that the Spirit is always opening up new understanding, so we listen for God speaking grace and truth grace in new ways...

Our roots run deep in the covenantal tradition brought to these shores by our Pilgrim ancestors. So here, there is no hierarchy or central authority to enforce a doctrine or form of worship on any local church. Our life unfolds together under the cross, with Christ as the head of the Church. We celebrate the creative tension between apostolic faith and personal conscience. There are no carbon-copy Christians! Authentic faith gives unique shape to the life of every human being. God calls each person to accept both the cost AND the joy of discipleship.

We are a people on the way, seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

No single one of us has it all together.

Each of us is broken.

Each of us is different.

On this path there is no judgment - just Jesus.

Whoever you are, wherever life has brought you, you are welcome here!

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